Santo António Serra (Machico)

Santo António Serra (Machico)

The land of golf


Santo António da Serra is located in a plateau, 700 metros above the average sea level, hanging over Machico and Santa Cruz.

The ex-libris of this civil parish is Santo da Serra Golf Course, a venue of important world competitions in this area.  Santo António da Serra also has beautiful old country-houses, some of which have been adapted for tourism.

Santo António da Serra also offers Quinta da Junta, an estate belonging to the Regional Government. The estate is open to the public, has some animals and a breathtaking view over the Machico valley and Porto Santo.

Santo António da Serra owes its name to Queen D. Maria I, who was is a state of apprehension regarding the hunger problems in Porto Santo. So she ordered houses to be built in the Parish, which she distributed, free-of-charge, amongst those who wanted to leave Porto Santo. However, the people from Porto Santo did not stay long in their new homes, disturbed by the climacteric difference and also due to missing their homeland. They left Santo da Serra in 1783.

Due to the climate conditions and to the thick mesh of trees, the civil parish was not subject to any farming for a while after the island was discovered.

One or two small chapels were built there. One of them was transformed into the Parish Church, which was restored in the 19th century and blessed in 1857.

The civil parish used to be an important protestant centre, spread about by a Scottish doctor, Dr. Roberto Kalley, which led to religious disputes, due above all to his great skill as a speaker and the generous way he treated his patients, winning thus important parts of the population.  These disputes ended when the Doctor left the Island.

Historians believe that the settlement only took place in the 16th century, since in the early days the settlement after the discovery was more active on the coast.

According to the 2001 Census, the number of constituents registered in the parish was of 1228, and the number of residents was 1355.

In terms of economic activities, the primary sector is not very developed. What is produced is essentially for the population's own use.

In terms of the secondary sector, there is the hotel industry, with quality units, wood transformation, civil construction and blacksmith’s workshops.

The tertiary sector includes traditional trade, which assures the needs of the residents.

Santo António da Serra has a mild climate, with pleasant temperatures all year round.


How to Get There


You can go to Santo António da Serra via Estrada Regional 207 and via Estrada Regional 101 (regional roads) from Machico, as well as via Estrada Regional 102 from Portela.  

From Funchal, take the freeway in the direction of Machico (Funchal-Aeroporto-Machico). You must pay attention to the signposts and take the Santa Cruz turnoff.

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