About Arco da Calheta

About Arco da Calheta

The Arco da Calheta civil parish is located in the eastern part of Madeira Island. It belongs to the municipality of Calheta.
This parish is boarded by the parishes of Madalena do Mar, Canhas and Calheta.

Regarding its climate, Calheta is very hot in summer, but somewhat harsher during winter.

Arco da Calheta civil parish was one of the first places in Madeira Island being colonised and having the first farms established after the island was discovered.It is one of the richest parishes in terms of natural heritage.

Besides,this is an ideal place to stroll and experience the fascinating mother nature, namely the variety of fauna and flora. It also has magestic sceneries and breathtaking views.

Its economic activities include agriculture and cattle breeding, wood sawing, carpentry, blacksmith’s workshops, bread making, blocks manufacture, trade and services.

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