Madeira Island Grand Firework display

Madeira Island Grand Firework display

December is a month full of joy, happiness, customs and traditions in Madeira island.

Throughout this month, the cities, especially Funchal Bay, are filled with people in a great joy and happiness waiting for the Christmas Eve. There is a vast cultural, ethnographic and artistic programme, which lasts all through December until the Twelfth Night.

All cities, including restaurants, bars, and hotels are illuminated by more than 250, 000 colored lights, whereas the hillsides are illuminated with white lights.

Funchal Bay hosts locals and tourists to see the beauty of its flowers, decorations and the Christmas carols ringing out in the street. New Year’s Eve is celebrated all over the island by locals and tourists, and the most amazing event takes place at mid-night. When the clock strives twelve on 31st December, the sky gets illuminated with lots of colors and shapes, lasting 10 minutes.

The spectacle continues after the fireworks display with people toasting to a better year.

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