Jeep Safari - Trekking - Mountain Biking in Madeira

Jeep Safari - Trekking - Mountain Biking in Madeira

One of the most exciting and interesting ways of traveling around Madeira Island is by Jeep. While travelling, tourists can pass by the beauties of Madeira, that is, its nature,
luxuriant vegetation, the Laurel forest, waterfalls, landscapes, and its natural heritage. This is one of the most sleeked activities among sports lovers.
Madeira Island is well-known for its endemic forest, which represents two thirds of the island. This tour allows a unique experience towards Madeira. Tourists will have the opportunity to see Madeira´s exotic vegetation and natural heritage in a closer way. This tour will provide a magnificent and also a once in a life time experience.
For those who wish something more natural, Trekking or Mountain Biking would be an excellent choice. These two activities allow practitioners to appreciate not only the fauna (human heritage), but also the flora.

The aim of this activity is to keep practitioners in direct contact with nature and to give them the opportunity of experiencing new sensations. It is advised to contact professional guides before experiencing it.

Mountain Biking

This is another activity which consists of riding bicycles off-road, most of the times in rough terrain. It can also be performed anyplace, for example, from a back yard to a gravel road. This one requires specialized bicycles.
Take this opportunity for experiencing different sensations and at the same time being in contact with nature.

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