Carnival Santana in Madeira Island

Carnival Santana in Madeira Island

This event marks the beginning of Madeira Carnival in Madeira and Porto Santo Islands.

This year’s edition will take place on 24th, 26th and 27th February and 3rd March, in the Municipality of Santana.

This event is best known for its originality and fun gigantic figurines, which are paraded around the city by many locals and tourists, in a great joy and happiness.Besides, there is music, dancing and great entertainment.

“Festa dos Compadres” consists on a fun public judgment demonstration of both “Compadres” and “Comadres”, which are accused of numerous infidelities, ending up being burnt publicly.

This event attracts hundreds of locals and tourists to the city centre of Santana.

Besides, there are a wide variety of gastronomic Madeiran specialties, such as the famous “espetada” hung in the laurel stick; the “Bolo do Caco” (typical bread made with wheat flour).There will also be drink specialties, such as wine and poncha (made of sugar cane rum, sugar cane honey, and lemon juice).

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February 24
12h00 – Festivities grand opening - Fire display
20h00 - “Comadres Cottage”

February 26
16h00 – Slapstick Parade at the city's
17h30 – Awards delivery
18h00 – AMusical Entertainment with Carnival's themes: "Re-Quim-Te".
22h00 – Ball

February 27
11h00 – Radio Show "Arco da Velha - Old wisdom" (close to Santana's parochial church)
16h00 – Ethnographic Parade at the city's streets
17h45 – Court sentence for Compadres
19h00 – Awards delivery
19h30 – Compadre and Comadre bonfire
20h00 – Musical Entertainment with Carnival's themes: "Amigos da Música"

March 3
12h00 – Fire display
20h00 - “Compadres Cottage"

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