Carnival on the Rural Areas

Carnival on the Rural Areas

At these rural areas, the so called Entrudo is mostly participated by the elder population where they gather with the younger ones and then participate effusively in this animated gathering with music and imagination at the Casas do Povo (community houses).

These Counties , who organize the Entrudo, due to they’re low budget, cast calls to creativity and imaginations from the local ones to bring on the revelers to cheer up the community. These revelers gather plastics, papers, many times alerting to recycling ant the environment preservation.

At the gastronomic level, the entrudo it’s a very rich season when talking about sweets. It’s part of the tradition to bake the “malassadas” and the “sonhos” (“dreams”), two delicacies very well appreciated by the locals.

These are compact mixtures of flour, sugar and eggs, sweet potatoes (or yellow pumpkin) fried in oil and served covered with sugar or dressed with the local divine sugar cane honey. The “Bolo-rei” (“King-cake”), a rich cake with dried and crystalized fruits it’s a desert usually consumed at this time of the year due to its proximity to the catholic “Dia dos Reis”(“Day of the Kings”).

Beyond these deserts being made for own consumption, the “malassadas” and the “sonhos” may be served to the neighbors as a sign of good will. However, it’s usual at this time of the year that the supermarkets have these products for sale to the public.

The Carnival celebrations, rich in animation, merrymakers, cheerful music, strong rhythms, humor and good mood, make the commercial areas and the hotels to have special programs for this season.

These festivities allies the landscape and the nature with some of the local habits who contagious who passes by , lives or simply enjoys they’re desirable holydays.

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