Flower Festival: Children's Wall of Hope

Flower Festival: Children's Wall of Hope

The Flower Festival is an annual event taking place in springtime, in the Archipelago of Madeira. This magnificent festival has its origins in the 1950’s.

This is one of the most outstanding festivals in Madeira Island. Each year thousands of locals and tourists come to Funchal downtown to enjoy this spectacular event.

On Saturday morning, there is the “Children’s Wall of Hope”, a procession along the main streets of Funchal, namely Avenida Arriaga, turning into Avenida Zarco and then onto Praça do Município.

Each children climbs up onto a platform and place its own flower with the aim of building a big flower wall. The flower wall symbolizes peace and the hope for a better world.

Besides, in the end of this ceremony doves are released, representing a wish for a peaceful and a better world.

Come to Madeira and Porto Santo Islands, and enjoy this amazing and spectacular event.

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