Sugar Cane in Madeira Island

Sugar Cane in Madeira Island

Sugar cane is a plant that grows best in tropical regions, due to the tropical climate available. Sugar canes are rich in sugar and can reach heights of 2 to 6 meters. The sugar cane is famous to those who live in Madeira and also tourists who have tried our sugar canes.

The sugar cane plant is considered as the most important agricultural cultivation in the history of humanity, also due to its high commercial value and multiple uses; it has become widely cultivated around the Madeira Island.

In Madeira, the sugar cane is used to produce various traditional products that are sold around the island and are also sold outside of the island. Traditional products such as Honey cake, Sugar cane honey, Sugar cane spirit, Honey biscuits etc.

The sugar cane plant is collected and made in one of three honey mills. There is a honey mill in Calheta, Porto Cruz and Ribeiro Seco in Funchal.

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