Notice to Walkers - Madeira Island

Notice to Walkers - Madeira Island

Madeira Island is well-known for its beautiful and prestigious Laurel Forest, which has recently been nominated to the “7 Wonders of Portugal”. This Forest, besides being a Biogenetic Reserve of the Council of Europe, is a Natural Heritage by UNESCO since 1999. It is also the largest site in the Archipelago included in Natura 2000 Portuguese network.

Due to recent fire incidents which happened in August 2010 in Madeira Island, some walking routes and levadas are temporarily closed for maintenance works. Walkers are advised not to take these paths.

However, there are many levadas and walking paths which are in good conditions, ready to be explored by nature lovers.

Porto Santo Island is also in good conditions.

As such, the Madeira Islands Official Tourism Website is constantly updating the latest news regarding this matter.

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